Discussion Groups

The Philosophy Society is taking a direct involvement in setting up and running a number of discussion groups this year.

These groups are a great chance for everyone to get together and talk philosophy outside of seminars. We try to cater to all tastes and interests so if you’re interested just peruse the groups below and see what you fancy – all you need to bring is yourself and a strong drinking arm!

If you’d like to set up your own discussion group then just let us know – we can help you publicise your group and help you run it as well. Your group doesn’t have to be hosted at a pub either, it could be a philosophy coffee morning or even a picnic!

Really, there’s no reason not to get involved.

Current Groups

The Political and Moral Discussion Group: Out to solve all the world’s problems on a Monday night – head down to the Highbury Vaults and join us for a drink whilst we put the world to rights. We’ve been forwarding our solutions to the UN for the last few years and we expect to hear back from them soon….any day now in fact

Head over to the Political and Moral facebook page to keep updated on times, topics and places