Committee 12/13




Hello! I’m Tab and I’m a second year philosophy student. My job as president is to look after the society and support the other committee members. I’m the person that represents the society when networking as well as chairing our PhilSoc meetings. Ultimately I bring the committee members together and make sure we’re all on the same page, taking in everyone’s ideas and suggestions. I’m your go to for any queries about the society as a whole – so feel free to contact me about anything at all!


Vice President


Hello, my name is Lucas and this is my second year down the rabbit hole of single honours philosophy. In my role I get stuck into a variety of things, some being: liaising with the philosophy magazine, setting up philosophy film nights (I’m working on it!), establishing and maintaining this website. I tend to go to the PhilSoc meetings with ideas or enthusiasm for what we should be doing (“the vision”). Also if Tabitha’s not there, I’ll stand in for her.



Daisy is in charge of the money. She knows exactly how much we have and how much we can afford to spend.





Alice takes the minutes and does various jobs including sending the weekly emails.




Social Secretary

Hello! I’m Jodie and a second year philosophy student. My role as social sec is to provide as many crazy nights out as possible. These can be from philosophy pub quiz’s to messy bar crawls. I’m responsible for all the big social events like the renowned summer boat party, and christmas parties. We also join up with other societies too, like Arch/Anth society for the larger nights out, and these are a great way to meet people from other societies, as well as like-minded philosophers! Socials are a great way to have fun and chat with other people who also share a love for philosophy. If you have any ideas of any events or socials you would like to have organised then feel free to contact me!


Discussions Secretary

Hi my name is Louise and I’m a second year English and Philosophy student. Last year, as a dedicated and cool fresher, I spent some of my time setting up and running a political and moral discussion group with my friend. This year I have continued to run this discussion group and am constantly welcoming new members every week. My main role in the PhilSoc committee is to help people (like you reading this right now) to set up their own discussion groups, on whichever philosophical-related topic they like. So if this sounds like something of interest to you, or if you just want more details, please drop me an email!


Talks Secretary


Ciao tutti! My name is Ben and I’m a joint-honours Philosophy and Italian undergrad. My job is to arrange the academic events that PhilSoc hosts, whether they be debates or lectures, given by professors or undergraduates. If anybody has any inclination to deliver a talk or even has a suggestion for academics to invite or topics to cover just let me know.