Ad Absurdum

Ad Absurdum is a new philosophy magazine, edited, collected and written by both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Bristol.

On this page you’ll find previous versions of Ad Absurdum, free to access and download. If you’d like a paper copy then keep your eyes peeled around the university; copies can usually be found in 43 Woodland Road, the Philosophy Common Room at Cotham House, and the Arts Faculty common rooms in the Woodland Road Complex.

If you’d like to get involved with the magazine then please contact the team.

Current Edition

Winter 2014 Edition
Colours Cannot Cogitate | Camus and the Absurd | Why Philosophy Made Me a Vegan | New Philosophy of Environment Course and Trip | Bristol Alumni: Where are they Now? | PhilSoc | Faculty Interview | I Think Therefore I Am The Danger | End Matter

Past Editions

Summer 2013 Edition
Letters | Scientific Conceptions of Immortality | Being Careful What You Wish For | The Essence of Technology | Fiction | Poetry | Books | Cumberland Revisited | Annals of Design | End Matter

Spring 2013 Edition
Letters | Philosophy and Race | Faculty Interview: Havi Carel | The Other Schiller | Fiction: “The Ten Plagues” | Poetry: “What is Sense?” | If Philosophy Legitimates Science, Who Legitimates Philosophy? | Widening Participation | Philsoc | End Matter

Winter 2012 Edition
Letters & Responses | Understanding Frege’s Philosophy of Language | What can Eminem teach us about Aristotle? | Philosophy Graduates: Where are they now? | Sartre on Consciousness | Christ Bertram remembers G.A. Cohen | (Less painful) thinking about mathematics | “The Ministry” | “On Being a Mongrel” | Philosophy Society | In conversation with: Joanna Burch-Brown

Spring 2012 Edition
Moral Dilemmas | The Student Experience | Arthur Prior and the Logic of Time | In Conversation with: Dagmar Wilhelm | I’m Sorry | An Atheist’s Guide to Reality | The Pre-Socratics

Winter 2011 Edition
What is Philosophy? | Crunch: the Hay-on-Wye Philosophy Festival | The Innocence Project| Property is Theft | Sorbonne’s Marketing | Paradox: The Bridge | In Conversation with: Finn Spicer | Euro-Guilt: The Repression of Universalism